Challenges in Pipeline Maintenance

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The total length of the global transmission pipeline network is 2,034,065.0 km, according to GlobalData’s latest report. The widespread pipelines over the geopolitical regions, along with other challenges, can make it difficult to carry out pipeline maintenance. This post features some of the different challenges that the oil and gas industry face.

The energy sector demands solutions to solve their challenges related to pipeline repair and maintenance. There are various technical solutions to ensure the safe and smooth operation of pipelines in order to mitigate and eliminate mishaps that happen due to leakages. It is crucial for oil and gas companies to comply with stringent measures related to the timely maintenance of pipelines on a larger scale.

Challenges in Pipeline Maintenance

Eliminating Downtime: Downtime has significant impact on widespread oil and gas pipelines and interrupting operations is rarely the preferred solution to the problem. The vital infrastructure and its demand need uninterrupted operations 24x7, as it can lead to various operational costs and losses for the businesses. Part of the solution is highly trained hot tap and line stop service companies, or to use a temporary fix such as a repair clamp until the line is down for the scheduled routine maintenance.

Multi-Diameter Systems: Most pipelines use multi-diameter systems or merge different lines together. Custom built fittings will ensure the best compatibility of tie-ins for maintenance performed on complex pipeline systems.

Accessibility in Harsh Locations: Pipelines are spread over hundreds or thousands of kilometers, covering a variety of terrains. It is a challenging task to see the scope of maintenance in severe or harsh geographical locations like - underwater sea-beds, mountains, deserts, etc. By ensuring the right technology-enabled tools, these types of challenges can be overcome efficiently and effectively.

Cost-Effective Utilization of Manpower: Cost plays a significant role while carrying out the maintenance of pipelines. This is an operational challenge for the company to maintain budget and manage the costs of periodical maintenance. By employing workers with the proper skill set, along with keeping the equipment needed available and in good working order, maximum utilization of resources can be achieved.

Safety Standards & Compliances: Safety standards and compliance guidelines should always be followed. While maintaining older pipelines, there could be a higher risk due to potential leakages and other complications. It is essential to be aware and tend to minute details before proceeding with maintenance operations. The Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration have laid out various guidelines addressing vital concerns and by committing to these standards, safe pipeline maintenance can be achieved.

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