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Committed to pipeline and customer safety

We provide high-quality standard and custom pipeline repair and maintenance products for the energy sector. Providing line stop, split tee, hot tap fittings, hot tap pipe plugs, high-pressure pipeline fittings, reinforcing saddles and other products, we are committed to delivering quality products under the tight deadlines demanded in this industry. Our associates provide outstanding customer service that’s just a phone call away. We serve our global and domestic customers from our headquarters in Houston, Texas.

Pipeline repair and maintenance experts

Our staff has extensive experience in the engineering, design, and manufacturing of pipeline fittings, specializing in extruded products for pipeline reinforcement. Our process allows for 100% radiographic examination and eliminates the stress risers inherent in welded type tees.

Custom pipeline fittings delivered on time within budget

We also manufacture fabricated branches and other custom-designed and engineered pipeline products, including repair sleeves, cold tapping, and high-pressure tapping equipment and many others. We’ve invested in custom manufacturing equipment, including machining and welding equipment, to meet the timelines, specific quality requirements and design codes of our customers.

We have established a local supply chain for the procurement of any grade of steel or other parts required in the manufacturing process to ensure our ability to quickly meet customer needs. In addition, we have relationships with key inspection, testing, and specialty services providers that enable the business to meet any specific product testing or heat treatment requirements of our customers.

We are ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 certified.


Please click here to view our Design Validation Certificate

Please click here to view our Design Manufacturing Validation for Extruded Hot Tap & Line Stop Tees

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